We share the belief that there can’t be true peace unless human life is defended and promoted.


Using our creative talents in electronic and social media to promote and create an authentic universal culture of life. We base our purpose on these three truths:

1. All human life is created by God out of His unconditional love.
2. All human life is to be accepted and nurtured with acts of charity and service from the moment of conception.
3. All human life is to be respected until natural death.

As a result of our work, we expect that we can affect the culture in a positive way so that abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide become unthinkable; and that together, by serving each other, we can live the life of prosperity and peaceful co-existence for which this world was created.

Pro-Life Champions knows the importance of educating the next generation of youth on the value of life, that family is first, and they are the ones that can restore the Culture of Life.