Choosing Life Stories


The Shout My Story campaign was created in response to websites like that was recently promoted by Oprah Winfrey and celebrates abortion as normal and a positive good. gives a platform to women and couples to share their life affirming stories. Women are often encouraged, even pressured, to abort their babies in a variety of circumstances. If a woman is poor, young, undereducated, or a rape victim, she is told abortion is best. If her baby is diagnosed with a fetal abnormality, she is offered “termination” and might even be made to feel she is being “selfish” if she chooses life for her baby.

There are many deep and personal reasons why women and couples choose life despite difficult gut wrenching situations and countless emotional experiences to that choice. We believe that life is precious, sacred, and must be protected. We believe that women deserve better than abortion for their physical and emotional health.

Our compassionate stories of choosing life in difficult situations are heroic and unique.   These are our stories to shout.

Shout My Story – The Miracle Baby Thomas Story

Shout My Story – Mary Grace

Shout My Story – What Choices Do I Have?

Shout My Story – Alicia Hood